Roadmap to #ReclaimTibet

February 13, Tibetan Independence Day

February 13, 2013, marked exactly 100 years since the 13th Dalai Lama of Tibet proclaimed the restoration of its independence. Every country marks significant historical dates in its founding as a nation. Regardless of its current political status, Tibet is no exception and Students for a Free Tibet has set aside February 13th as an important day to commemorate Tibet's independent past.

Below are three easy steps you can take to #ReclaimTibet

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What makes you feel connected to Tibet? Share your story on social media using #ReclaimTibet and nominate three friends to share theirs.

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Now that you have taken the 3 steps, let the Chinese government know that you #ReclaimTibet by mailing/dropping off this message to your nearest Chinese Consulate.